Introduction of This Blog

Before I post rants, welcome to my new blog! My name's Charmaine who is a college student and lives in the Philippines and still watching cartoons. Yeah, you heard that right. In my opinion, it's not really bad or embarrassing for a grown-up person like me to watch cartoons. You know a lot or some of people who watch cartoons before still have refresh in their minds remembering what they watched. In the current internet days, many people use the internet for making their huge fan clubs known as "fandom". Sometimes, I joined them if I have much time about those by submitting comments in forums and fan arts. What fun was you're not the only person in the world who remember a cartoon you watch before-either if you're a kid or an adult.

I called this blog For Young Pinoy Audience because this blog dedicate to all Filipinos who used or still watch cartoons not only children. Not only cartoons but I might also put shows for teenage shows, anime, stuff related to cartoons, miscellaneous stuff from me and much more just related for younger and general audience. This is my first time blogging actually. Before I made this blog, I was inspired to this blog here or in any blogs related to animation and cartoons which explains previous cartoon shows aired or the designs. I prove myself that I still like watching cartoons and sometimes I even get inspiration by drawing many cartoon or anime characters. It's fine for me for this blog not to make number of visitors here but as long as I have a message about children shows.

When I was a kid in elementary, every time I went home I first plop on the couch to see what's the buzz on cartoon or anime show or sometimes teenage shows. And now, as a teenager who's in college I'm still trying to see or be updated to new released cartoons in some networks. Then, with the help of internet and some video sharing sites like Youtube or Megavideo I really discovered the in-depths about the past shows. Looking at those videos in Youtube I said to myself like"Uy, naalala ko pa yan ah!" ("Hey, I remembered that one!") or "Ibalik sana ng network yung palabas na yan." ("I wish that network should return that show.").I'm not the only person in the Philippines or in the world who will say that similar phrases. In fact many people will actually say similar or like those. Sadly, there are many various barriers that some people especially adults experienced like getting their jobs, married, or anything that is related beyond-age. I, myself as a teenager and a college student in reality I even wish that I have time to watch children's shows but time passes the front. I don't know how many people in the Philippines who still watch teenage or children's programs but if they are, they really appreciate the designs and stories in those shows kindly like art. What reminds me for this making this blog is that there are also many indie animators from our country still need support for knowing the animation-style for Pinoys still exist but since there is much problems in the country, they might have slim chance to make cartoons.

In my age, like I said before watching cartoon gives me inspiration to draw stuff. I have a bleak or full memory about the previous shows. That's the main goal of this blog-to remember and be informed. In this current time, many network station shows cartoons so try to watch them at least quite often. It's really part of entertainment on TV's today.

Everyone, welcome to For Young Pinoy Audience. Relieve and discover behind the animation, children's programs and also some creators. This is your 'toon and teen show campus.

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