Dayo (2008): Soon Coming To Theaters This Year

Screen shot's from the upcoming animated movie Dayo....and some spoiler alerts, too.

After a successful Filipino-made animated movie Urduja, another animated movie has planned and produced will premier to cinemas this year. Dayo is the 1st animated movie that uses digital animation due to release in December this year. Produced by CuttingEdge production and directed by Robert Quilao. It was said that the animated movie is chosen to be one of the entries in 2008 Manila Film Festival.

Dayo, features about an 11-year-old kid named Bubuy.The story revolves around Bubuy who has to save his grandparents who were abducted and brought to the strange land called Elementalia, which is home to a host of strange creatures. Bubuy encounters a girl who is manananggal that will help him find his grandparents and save Elementalia.

Hope this one will become successful Filipino-made animation like Urduja.The full trailer of the animation can be watch here. Also, one Youtube user uploaded the "behind the scenes" videos from Cutting Edge Productions here and QTV's The Beat here.

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