Educational Shows in The Philippines Part 3

As of current time, there still lot of children shows made in the Philippines are currently active and others are now defunct. Starting from 3 years ago, I have to review each of the rest of some of the popular educational shows I've remembered or watch. Examples are the following:

Jollitown (2008)-
Another Jollibee-related education show debuted around this year after Chikiting Patrol became success and it highlighted the the 30th anniversary of Jollibee.Before Jollitown, I remembered that the local fast-food company released some of the VCD collection from Jollibee . I think they release in 5 volumes and the artists portrayed to that show aside from Jolibee characters were Goin' Bulilit actors probably in the year 2005. Jollitown aired every Sundays mornings on GMA Network and the star of the show are Jollibee,Yum, Hetty,Popo and Twirlie. The mascots design are new and fresh and they got their own abilities and personality (they even talk too). Yum is a technology expert of Jollitown, Hetty and Twirlie are the fashionistas and know about fashion for girls,Popo the sports expert of Jollitown and of course Jollibee who helps kids from Jollitown to solve some light situations with the help of other mascots. The Jollitown is a fictional setting where Jolibee and the gang lived so does other human kids. Every episode, the Jollitown mascots encounters a kid who has a problem. The mascots are ready to help with their tips and advice for children. Aside from giving tips, they got also sing, dance and exercise routine for more fun. The Jollitown episodes are pretty short so I think it no longer runs on GMA. Like any other educational shows, Jollitown is a good show too and it commemorates the 30th anniversary of Jolibee.

Kids On Q (2007-Present)-

This show debuted on April 2007 and the show was first children show aired on QTV. It airs every Saturday mornings on QTV and each of the episode airs every one hour. Kids On Q features the latest news, topics and issues for concerning children and parents. The show anchored by Tonipet Gaba who is one of the main hosts of Art Angel and Ingo of Karen's World. There are 10 young reporters in the show that discusses different news and stories (from sports,movies,toys,health,etc.) but they're not limited in deeper issues.They also uses both Tagalog and English,too. Kids On Q has similar style from it's predecessors like 5 and Up and Chikiting Patrol. The young hosts in Kids On Q were auditioned in order to produce the show such as Caleb Gotico, Nikki Liu and others. Starstruck Kids batch 1 stars such as Ella Guevarra and Sam Magbutay performed and auditioned to be Q-Reporters. Other famous young artist, like BJ Forbes became a reporter also in Kids On Q. With wide range of entertaining and educational topics that were discussed on Kids On Q, it's great to see this show just for young audience and it's still active on QTV. Recently, they celebrated their 1st anniversary of the show.

Mga Kwento Ni Lola Basyang (2007)-
Debuted around 2007 and aired on GMA every Sunday evenings, this show tells about a woman (portrayed by Manilyn Reyes) who is the granddaughter of the famous story teller, Lola Basyang travels in different places together with her two children with their mobile. Their mobile contains a library mostly full of childrens books, a living room and other decoration that the owner of the mobile treat them as their home. Every episode, the storytellers stop in different locations to share stories and helps children who has problem situations. While Manilyn Reyes shares stories on children thanks to her grandmother, she tells stories with some magical flavour of characters in each stories that are portrayed by different actors and a fictional world full of fantasies. Then, after the conclusion of the stories, Manilyn asked the children what is the moral lesson of the story and the lessons teach and helps children with their related situations. My opinion about the show, it's good to hear some of the stories of Lola Basyang for new generations and add more stories to teach children. They don't remake stories too much.

Ang Mahiwagang Baul (2005-2006)-
This show tells about two siblings named Epoy (Eisen Bayubay) and Jewel (Sandy Talag) lived with their grandmother named Lola Tacia because the sibling's mother, is too busy from work.
In the pilot, the two siblings were bored from old stories such as Philippine folktales but they would rather watch cartoons and play computer games.
Their boring lives changed when Epoy and Jewel discovers a big, magical "baul" upstairs and accidentally entered the world of Philippine Folklore stories. As the two children enters inside the baul, Epoy's silver toy robot named Rextor tags along with the two children. They explore different situations based on Philippine folklore and stories. After their adventure, the two siblings learned the lesson based on their adventures and their grandmother appreciated them. Therefore, the two children starting to get interest on Lola Tacia's stories.
What's good about the show is that not only it's educational for younger viewers, it also shows some of the themes based on Philippine Folklore and traditions. When the two siblings(and a robot) enters a world full of local yet great stories made in the Philippines, you can tell they got stories from the Philippines.
"Ang Mahiwagang Baul" are available in DVD's as of now.

Goin' Bulilit (2004-Present)-
Goin' Bulilit is a comedy gag show where kids are performed. It airs in ABS-CBN every Sunday evenings even this present time. This show is followed by the successful old TV show, Ang TV that aired also in ABS-CBN.This show contains a lot of gag shows performed by some of the children artists like Igi Boy, Nash, Sharlene and other Goin' Bulilit stars . Dagul is one of the main hosts of the show despite he has a lack of height, he can make you laugh so well. Goin' Bulilit contains not only funny situations but it contains a lot of parodies based on ABS-CBN shows like Rated KKK:Handa na Ba ako? (Rated K: Handa na Ba Kayo?), GB Patrol World (TV Patrol World), Da Bus (The Buzz), and other parodies that you can laugh. It currently became one of the sucessful children show even it won few awards. As of 2008, it's still being an active show every Sunday evenings.

Kokey,Super Twins, Mga Mata ni Anghelita,Maria Flordeluna, Princess Charming (2007)-
No doubt these show were aired and canceled in the same year. These shows I've mentioned are the examples of children show aired with "drama" genre. Kokey,Super Twins and Princess Charming got some original stories except Kokey and Super Twins mentions as a "fantaserye".
Kokey and Super Twins bot aired every nights (Kokey is from ABS-CBN while Super Twins aired on GMA). At least it's kinda obvious that these shows were entertaining to children. Kokey seemed to be fine that even the alien character (Kokey) appeared as a major guest in some ABS-CBN shows such as ASAP '07 (now ASAP '08) and got a lot of merchandise. Super Twins on the other hand, aired in GMA every nights became a hit too. What I don't like about the Super Twins is that the female twin's costume were based on Sailor Moon. Seemed to be good for young audience as well as adults about last year.

Princess Charming on the other hand, aired every afternoon as a part of GMA Dramarama series. No doubt the show was made after new Bakekang series became successful in the same year. The reason why Princess Charming is because the two young actors of the Bakekang remake, Eunice Lagusad and Krystal Reyes was chosen to act as main characters in Princess Charming. Eunice played as "Charming" while Krystal playes as "Princess" so it's obvious that their names mixed into "Princess Charming". The show was good during that year in GMA Dramarama.

Maria Flordeluna and Ang Mga Mata ni Anghelita are both aired every nights every week in different stations. These two shows were remake from the famous 70's radio show with the same title.Maria Flordeluna was on ABS-CBS while Ang Mga Mata Ni Anghelita was on GMA Network. Both of the shows had a female protagonists who had been treated by other people really bad because of their own destiny. I can't say anything much about these both shows because aside from they got both successful, they even got merchandises too.

The Conclusion-
Of all I've reviewed some of the children shows, it may be tiring to remember what are these classic yet great shows on TV usually kids watched. In my opinion, I'd say some of the network stations show should keep entertain some younger audience with the help of their educational shows especially technology arises this time. With their past children shows made in the Philippines, it's good to be true that at least it really helped developed the educational values to children.

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I was searching for an educational program to be critiqued for my instructional broadcasting class, and I was glad I landed here. You have a very informative blog. It inspires me to pursue the political economy of children shows as a topic for my undergraduate thesis :)