Educational Shows In The Philippines Part 2

A lot of children shows must be reviewed then...a lot I mean, as far as I can remember.

Other old educational TV shows I watched are Penpen De Sara Pen. Penpen De Sara Pen was based on a outdoor game that Pilipino kids played in old times .I remember that the show was aired in RPN 9 every Saturday mornings. What I remembered about this show is that usually the setting about that show was in Star City. In that show, mostly they used stories and light situations and how to solve those problems. Penpen De Sara Pen show good moral values like sharing,friendship, etc...

Another one what I remembered is, For Kids Only. I remembered this one before I went to elementary. For Kids Only aired in ABS-CBN then in RPN 9 during weekends.It showed about the latest toys for the viewers and they even go to special places for fun. For Kids Only made me jealous because they show toys that were expensive.One time, I remembered after that show, I saw a commercial of a Kanto Pokedex in a Pokemon commercial and other toy stuff. It doesn't bother for me why For Kids Only became educational. It's because they don't harm anyone but they show viewers some fun too.

During the time Batibot was on the TV, another children shows came on. One of the children shows came is Chikiting Patrol. It seems Chikiting Patrol is very hard to review especially if I traced back starting 1990's. As far as I know, Chikiting Patrol is about younger kid stars who were reporting for important subjects that were educational. The show was the sponsorship of Jolibee and the mascots like Jolibee were included on that show(before the new and now defunct Jollitown). Chikiting Patrol premiered in GMA Network and ABC 5 (now TV 5). GMA aired this one every Saturday mornings, as far as I remember while in ABC 5 aired every Saturday nights when the show transfered to that station. I think this show ended up before 2000.

Another children's show was 5 and Up. Debuted around 1992, the Probe productions produced this show airs weekly. The reporters were young teenagers that like in Chikiting Patriol, reports information that are educational plus they made documentaries. They even got postive reviews about their show that even they got nominated and won awards. The only reporter I know in 5 and Up is Atom Araullo. The show ended up around in 2003.

Another thing what I remembered about educational shows is there is a show about art and that is Art Is Kool. I think this one aired around 2001 in GMA Network every Saturday mornings. Art Is Kool seems to be a pun of "Art Sc-hool" (school) or "Art Is Cool". All I know the host was a male that is also a documentarist but I forgot his name, anyway. Art Is Cool teaches not only basic art but it taught viewers the special way how to make something or recycle like making clay, pop-up cards,etc which is very cool. The show in GMA transferred to ABC 5 and the schedule is still in the Saturday mornings but the host had replace another. This show had the same what happened to 5 and UP,though. It was still being hit among viwers but it suddenly cancelled around 2004 I think. Another art show, Art Jam debuted around 2004 after Art Is Kool, hosted by Boy 2 Quizon and Tado taught kids how to be creative and make art. I remembered that show aired every Saturdays on ABS-CBN. Then, GMA Network aired another new art TV show and that is Art Angel. Art Angel first hosted by reporter Pia Archangel then with Tonipet Gaba (who played Ingo in Karen's World). Ironically, Art Jam suddenly ended up around 2005 probably because of higher ratings of the other station. In 2006, during the time one of the GMA Telebabad shows, "Mga Mata ni Anghelita" ran, the main character of that show Krystal Reyes joined in Art Angel and she's still active on Art Angel today. As of now, Art Angel received awards for having a best educational program for TV.

Another GMA Network's eduactional show, Lovely Day aired in the year 2004. In the first season, Love AƱover hosted that show. Then, one of the 1st batch of Starstruck stars Christian Esteban tag along to Lovely Day.He may be the first host to assist Love and the show, he got experienced something scary. Christian said during the show, he had almost fell to the crocodile's cage while he's trying to feed the crocodile on top of the wall. This made him scared, though but the next few days after that he seemed fine after that incident. I don't know what this might effect for viewers who saw what happened to than then. When Christiam left the show, another young host BJ Forbes replaced him then he left in the next few months. Abruptly, the name "Lovely Day" changed into LD Force when the 1st batch of Starstruck kids Bea Binene and Gabriel Roxas replaced BJ. Then finally, Jacob Raterta adds another to become another host of the show. Thus, LD Force changed into LD: Force of the Guardians. In The Force of the Guardians, Love,Bea,Gabby and Jacob got their powers with different elements. In every episode, they encounter evil forces that destroy good situations. The Force of the Guardians helped anyone in every episode about problems in the environment. In my opinion about the show, it seems to be okay but they put too much "fantasy in the reality". Talk about getting powers....the show is still being active on GMA.

More reviews about "Educational shows in the Philippines". Next part, about the current education shows starting from last year....

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