Two Reasons Why I'm Checking Out

Ever since we encounter few previous typhoons, I become busy in college work and almost have no time to do any blog posts here (in fact, I still never finish my Ranma 1/2 post). I apologize. But there are few things why I'm looking out these days:

1.) Combatron Lost Scans
That's right, one of the most popular Funny Komik's character Combatron returns thanks to this website at http://projectcombatron.blogspot.com/ . Whoever made that blog site must be really cool trying old fans and even new generations like me to remember Combatron. Right now, they're still trying to find and collect other missing issues. Not to worry, the staff posts comic scans weekly so you can still be updated.

2.) Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa
I've already seen the "Coming Soon" trailer of Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa. In fact the staff of this cartoon prepared many years for this exciting show. They might be air this month or December on weekday mornings. Check out more in http://superinggo-animation.blogspot.com/

I still finding fresh news about Philippine comics and animations while I keep busy with other personal things. :)

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