Typhoon Ondoy: A Dreadful, Stormy Weekend Experience

Sorry for delaying for not finishing my previous post everyone but I have to express something matter. Last Saturday, a typhoon Ondoy had just arrived in the Philippines with terrible non-stop rain fall and strong winds. Many people including me were stranded because of the flash flood came (I went to college in that day). I didn't expect that would be happen especially I forgot to bring cellphone and jacket in case it's raining. I'm not alone because I have also classmates who were stranded and then we stayed in the shopping mall in Cainta along with other people we don't know but have the same situation. We ate only bread with little water and waited for many hours to let rain stopped. I also experience homesickness and anxiety especially about my parents and my brothers, but I had no choice but to pray to God, wait for the rain and the news.

The next day, heavy traffic is a problem because flood is still heavy. We have no choice but to cross flood as soon as possible. Cainta is affected in flood but worse is in NCR especially Marikina. That city was close to river itself and many villages and subdivisions are really affected. I can't describe how Marikina was devastated with flood and mud. Thousands of houses there reached flood from first up to second floor, appliances and vehicles are washed with mud-water, and the worse part is many areas are almost impossible to cross. Even many people are trying to go on their homes to see their relatives and their things all right.

The next day, news already arrived and reported how much damage that typhoon Ondoy made. Also in the same day, I reached home in case the flood will increase it's level. My parents are very worried about my condition. In every news, seen a huge flood that swallowed many houses and streets especially near in rivers. Thousands of families - rich or poor lost their homes and hundreds of people killed because of the onslaught. At first, I can't believe that we expected that kind of typhoon. I heard the news that the Philippines expected a strongest typhoon again in the last four decades especially if you mention about "climate change". In the end, we realized it's a part of Mother Nature's doing. Many organizations and governments still helping people who are victims of the typhoon, while many residents cleaning and picking up things that can be use.

In this day, typhoon Ondoy left the Philippines and now moved up to Vietnam. In the meantime, we cannot celebrate ourselves because of the trauma and stress we experience. On the other hand, PAG-ASA announced that there's going to be a new typhoon that will hit in our country and still observing that whether it will hit again especially if it crosses to NCR. Be safe everyone and don't forget to pray to God.

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