Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa (2009)

After Tutubi Patrol then BIDA, there goes Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa (Super Inggo and the Super Troop) which it airs this 2009 in ABS-CBN. Apparently, this show is the first-animated series in ABS-CBN and at the same time the station developed it's animation studio called ABS-CBN Animation Department lead by the business unit Guia Jose. But is this show can be received well to the viewers?

Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa is loosely based on 2006's live-action series Super Inggo. I admit I never seen the live-action series because I had much time watching on GMA 7 or to school studies (but I'm not a Kapuso, neither a Kapamilya) but it doesn't matter anyway. The show features a young 10-year old boy named Budong (voiced and acted by Makisig Morales) who lives with his adopted mother named Pacita in a poor yet happy home. Budong dreams that he wanted to become a superhero, until he realize that he already has superpowers and becomes Super Inggo. As he grew up in the streets, he has also a best friend and sidekick named Jomar (voiced and acted by Jairus Aquino). Together, they run in adventures, meet other allies, discover evil plans from the Prince of Darkness and his company, and the truth about themselves. But would you believe that Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa adds new characters that isn't present in the live-action series?

Well, the show's music used it's opening theme from the live-action series itself which sung by Rocksteddy. But then again, it wasn't bad although I was thinking that the staff cheapened it's music for a bit.

Animation in the Philippines rise in a smooth phase because of the improvement of computer technology and animation program tools. Many talented animators in the Philippines have worked in other countries and some of them are present for the collaborated project. Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa used 2D flash animation like what Studio 23's Barkada Trip did. Somehow, the animation style is based on the characters from the original series (in fact, the Super Inggo in the animated series made well-done from the live-action) plus the Pinoy anime-style. What's Pinoy anime? Pinoy anime is a term where the animation in the Philippines is mixed with Japanese animation techniques (e.g. puppy dog eyes and wacky expressions). Not only in the Philippines got that style but also in other countries like Korea, China and even United States in a similar way. The show made Pinoy elements friendly for young and adult viewers for enjoyment. And hey, there's even few cameo appearances from ABS-CBN like Angel Locsin, Vhong Navarro, Sam Milby, and even host in Matanglawin Kuya Kim as caricatures. Now how's that?

Super Inggo at Ang Super Tropa will be one of the important contributions in Philippine animation. As of now, the staff and ABS-CBN are planning to air the series in two seasons and every season has 13-episodes each. If the show was well-received by many viewers there's a possibility will produce another few episodes.The animation is very fine and it's really good to watch for every Pinoy kids and kids-at-heart. You can watch Super Inggo at Ang Super Tropa every Sundays 10:30 A.M in ABS-CBN.

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