Mojacko (Chu-Chu-Chu!)

The orange, fluffy alien was another popular anime character in the Philippines. Mojacko was manga back in 90's in Bokura magazine then followed as an anime in year 1995 to 1997. Created by Doraemon manga-ka Fujiko Fujio, Mojacko is an alien from planet Moja-Moja who along with his robot assistant Donmo went to planet Earth due to spaceship crash. The Japanese title is called Chu-Chu-Chu! and also based on it's opening song.

In early episodes,Mojacko met an elementary student named Sorao Amana and stayed to his place until their spaceship is fixed. The anime series was perhaps divided by two seasons with additional characters. In almost half of the season (that is from episode 1 to 30) Mojacko and his friends met Sorao's friend Miki who later involve the secret that there are aliens in earth and Wutan, Surao's enemy and a bully (I think Wutan is very similar to Takeshi/Damulag from Doraemon). They also met Mojacko's siblings who followed them in search of their brother. Mojari, is a pink alien ball with pigtails while Mojaro a small, green and youngest sibling who has an ability to manipulate supersonic waves when crying or being disturbed from his sleep. In another season, Momonja - a ninja-like alien ball follows them in order to get the "greatest treasure in the universe" and then later stays at Wutan's place. As a sci-fi genre, Mojacko and his friends travel different planets up to another universe for their adventures and excitement plus their friendship.

I'd say Mojacko was one of the high-rated anime series in the Philippines since it started aired locally around 1998 or 1999 every weekday afternoons. The show was featured in GMA commercial with Doraemon as anime-crossover lineup entitled "We Are Family". Mojacko merhandises were popular back then like plushies (as seen on this picture here). In Youtube, you can also see the opening song here in Japanese plus few old episodes dubbed in Tagalog. For now, Mojacko seems to be on the old cabinet in GMA ever since they wouldn't decided not to air it anymore until further notice.

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aww.. i super miss this anime. i wanted to get items, but it seems like EVERYTHING is obsolete already. not even one item on sale. geez.