Danaw nin Kaogmahan (2008)

We saw the heroic animated Urduja back in theaters last year, and here is another Philippine animation that promotes a historical culture....or perhaps I'm not the only one who seen that cartoon before. Danaw nin Kaogmahan or Lake Happiness in English tells of two lovers who seek love and cure to their sadness. Set in the ancient Ibalon, Shariya hopes to find a cure of her deep sadness by attempting to near the waters of mystical lake, and Olimnor must go on the quest by defeating the nemesis in order to win Shariya's love. In other words, the cartoon is based on a legendary folklore in Bicol province.

Danaw nin Kaogmahan was created in Bicol province rather in Manila back in 2008 then launched it's cartoon last May 9 in the same year. Sponsored by Animation Council of the Philippines Inc., Ateneo de Naga University and Avenue Square, and the City Government of Naga through the Naga City Investment Board (NCIB) Naga City made a chance to make a cartoon from their culture. The producer of the cartoon Maogmang Cartoons invested the mix of traditional and digital animation for the project. The producers are mostly students at the Ateneo de Naga University and a veteran animator director Raul Mimay participated. At the end, Danaw nin Kaogmahan was able to succeed showing to many viewers thanks to many supporters especially many students and teachers from Naga City. If you want to find out, someone in Youtube posted a trailer here for preview. Just like Tuldok Animation's Libingan, Danaw ni Kaogmahan is a short cartoon.

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Image poster from http://nagaanim8.blogspot.com/2008/05/about-danaw-nin-kaogmahan.html

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