At first, I wonder myself why I hooked this series. Right, the show is called Moomin. I found out by reading the article about that show long before. The Moomin anime is the 1969 adaptation of Finnish comic strip and books with the same name created by Tove Jansson. It is also one of the anime series under World Masterpiece Theater.

Moomins are the family of trolls, who are white and furry and resembles as small hippopotamus. They're live in a magical place called Moomin Valley and they have a house called Moominhouse, where they spent their adventures together with their neighborhood friends. I have no any full ideas from it's original series but they also made into various merchandises like music CD's, mugs, stuff toys, an amusement park from Finland and even commemorative coin. They had also TV and theatrical adaptations like it's anime version. There are bunch of comic strip and illustrations of Moomin I found in the internet so click the link below (courtesy of Google):


The 1969 anime series is available through Youtube though mostly they're in Japanese. The good thing about the show, aside from charming characters and stories is the opening theme song here. As I have read further about the show's article, fans were pleased and the staff decided to create another season of Moomin called New Moomin which was produced in 1972.
In the Philippines, Moomin still on air on channel 11 which air weekdays at 9:00 A.M.

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