Chinese Animation

Screenshot from 1964 film of Havoc in Heaven

Aside having the most population in the world, China showed their artistic entertainment through animation. Few weeks ago, I've seen few cartoons which have Chinese languages and it's theme songs. I never thought those cartoons are anime but instead as Chinese animation. Like in United States and Japan, China soars high in animation industry.

We know exactly that they're made in China but also influenced in other Mandarin-spoken countries such as Taiwan and Hong Kong. Their history of their animation is close to history of Japanese animation (anime). Back in 20th century, China was influenced in cartoons from United States like Out of the Inkwell. Then, the famous Wan brothers innovate the idea by producing their own Chinese animations like Princess Iron Fan (1941) and Havoc in Heaven (1964) released in theaters which their themes about their culture and freedom of speech. Just like in animation terms like US cartoons and Japan's anime, Chinese animation is called Manhua Anime and still enjoyed today by many Chinese people.

Chinese animation especially their full-length films were exported to the other countries where they share their culture impact. Thanks to the technology, you can see a lot of cartoons made from China but only few have sub-titles. I recommend to watch Havoc in Heaven here for who want to find out more about classical Chinese animation. If you want some action, you can watch Fireball (a.k.a. the alternative "Journey to the West") here. I've also seen few Chinese animation on local TV which locally dubbed in Tagalog languages before like The Adventures of Bubble Carp (or "The Adventures of Little Carp" in Chinese translation) and The Wanderings in Sanmao.... lucky we, that is. Like any countries when it comes to animation, China is still active in creating art and stories through entertainment just to manage everyone to express their creativity. There's even an excerpt in this site here to tell about the China made a "Made in China" mark in animation.

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