World Masterpiece Theater Series Aired in the Philippines Part Three

Princess Sarah / Purinsesu Sēra or Shoukoujo Sarah (1985)

Princess Sarah is the another entry of World Masterpiece Theater series launched in 1985 and based on a novel A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. This story tells about a young girl named Sarah Crewe, who is the daughter of a wealthy British family, who start's attending all-girl's boarding school in London. There, she excels in studies and made lots of friends and classmates until she encounter her tragic fate. Tragedy strikes when Sarah's father died from fever and his business is bankrupt which makes Sarah became an orphan. Miss Minchin the school headmistress makes Sarah miserable by making her as a maid. However, with the help of Sarah's friends, Sarah preserves her courage and faith in order to endure the hardships she receive until to return her reputation.

Princess Sarah is probably the most popular World Masterpiece Theater series aired in the Philippines. Since it aired during early 90's in ABS-CBN, children viewer's become fascinated to the storyline and characters which makes the runaway success. Princess Sarah also made two live-action series. In 1995, inspired in the anime series the movie was created entitled "Sarah, Ang Munting Prinsesa" featuring Camille Pratts as Sarah Crewe and Jean Garcia as Miss Minchin. Produced by Star Cinema and ABS-CBN, the movie also became a success that even it was filmed in Scotland. Another one was in 2007 as teleserye in ABS-CBN featuring Sharlene San Pedro as Sarah Crewe and Sheryl Cruz as Miss Maria Minchin.

The last time Princess Sarah aired in ABS-CBN was 2008.

The Story of Pollyanna, Girl of Love / Ai Shōjo Porianna Monogatari (1986)

Based on the 1913 novel Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter, the title character Pollyanna Whittier a young orphan who lives in the Beldingsville, Vermont along with her wealthy Aunt Polly. Being a happy-go-lucky and cheerful girl, test the strong bond with her aunt. "The Story of Pollyanna, Girl of Love" is the first (or one) of the World Masterpiece Theater series had two opening and ending themes.

The title is also called "Pollyanna" in the Philippines. It was aired on GMA and ABS-CBN. ABC 5 aired the series during late 90's and only World Masterpiece Theater series that aired in ABC 5 (now TV 5). I had no idea when this actually aired last time but according to Anime News Network, the airing year was in 2002 in GMA.

Little Prince Cedie
/ Shōkōshi Sedi or Shoukoushi Ceddie (1988)

Little Prince Cedie is based on Frances Hodgson Burnett's book, Little Lord Fauntleroy. The novel was chosen to adapt into anime as a part of World Masterpiece Theater series in 1988. The anime focuses of a young American boy named Cedric Errol or also known as "Cedie". He leaves New York to live in other place to the ancestral castle as a heir in British earldom. Joined by his parents especially his grandfather, Cedric is taught by being an aristocrat but Cedie wants to know compassion, social justice and also the motherly love. Ran in 43 episodes, Kôzô Kusuba directed the series.

Like in Princess Sarah's Tagalog title, Little Prince Cedie is entitled "Cedie, and Munting Prinsipe" and also a runaway hit in the Philippines. It also reached into live-action movie produced by Star Cinema although it is said that it's less popular than the movie version of Princess Sarah. I forgot when it is the last time the anime aired but probably 2007 or last year. "Little Prince Cedie" was awarded in 2008 Anak TV Seal Awards.

The Adventures of Peter Pan / Pītā Pan no Bōken (1989)

Like any previous cartoon adaptations of Peter Pan including from Disney, the Japanese version of Peter Pan was created in 1989 as an anime. It is an adaptation of the original and classic novel Peter Pan novel by James Matthew Barrie. The anime version starts when Wendy dreamed about she is rescued by a flying, young boy named Peter Pan and the battle between him and Captain Hook. Suddenly, Wendy and her two brothers John and Michael go to Neverland and Wendy became the 'mother' of the Lost Boys in the forest. Throughout middle of episodes, Peter and his crew go off as they fight the pirates and romance developed in Peter and Wendy. The last few episodes go into twists of the story from the novel and introduced Princess Luna, who will play as the granddaughter of an evil witch who controls the time of Neverland. The anime was directed by Takashi Nakamura and Yoshio Kiruda, and spanned 41 episodes in total.

The last time The Adventures of Peter Pan aired was last year in ABS-CBN. The title is called "Peter Pan".

My Daddy Long Legs
/ Watashi No Ashinaga Ojisan (1990)

My Daddy Long Legs is based on the novel Daddy-Long-Legs written by Jean Webster. Before the World Masterpiece Theater series, a TV-anime special of "Daddy Long Legs" was created under Tatsunoko Productions in 1979 entitled Ashinaga Ojisan, directed by Masakazu Higuchi. During the WMT series, My Daddy Long Legs was created in 1990. There are few altered storylines and character designs were developed but there are original sources from the novel. The major difference from the anime to the novel is that the main characters we're set during the protagonist's high school years rather in college. I think that "My Daddy Long Legs" should be attractive to children televiewers especially girls when they're high school just like any anime shows that feature high school students.

Judy Abbott, a 14-year-old orphan was raised in John Grier Home and was chosen to study to Lincoln Memorial High School by a mysterious benefactor named "John Smith". After Judy saw a tall shadow leaving, she nicknamed him "Daddy Long Legs". The only payment that will Judy give is to write monthly letters to Daddy Long Legs, without any responds from the benefactor. Little known that letter writing helps Judy develop her writing skills. The series covers Judy's life in 3 years, starting from arrival to Lincoln Memorial High School, discovering what's life both in school and city and up to high school graduation.

In the Philippines, the anime was called "Judy" in ABS-CBN and aired in year 2002. In 2007, the title was called "Daddy Long Legs" when it aired to Q. The last time "My Daddy Long Legs" was re-aired was in Q last year.

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