Ibong Adarna / Adarna: The Mythical Bird (1997)

I guess I need to perch this one out.

For earlier days of Filipino animation, one of the biggest and main problem for having few produced animation series is that the expensive budget should use. Efforts of producers and animators of Filipino-animation seem needs a lot of support from the critics and also many people will responsible to watch their output. One objective for Filipino-animators during the 1980's to mid-1990's was to create cartoons for TV that we can be proud of (Filipino-made cartoon, that is) and they did what they do. The first early cartoons made by Filipino's was Ang Panday, Darna and Captain Barbell which I think appeared in RPN 9 during 80's. Then again, those cartoons were to be cheap and they're in a short run-time because of the budget needs to be produce. Unlike from the cartoons from USA or Japan, the quality of animation in the Philippines seems less dense. But the early animation industry of the Philippines appear to be fine examples why many Filipino people familiarize the Filipino-animation.

In the mid-90's, a charcoal portrait artist named Gerry A. Garcia spread out the idea of having Filipino-made animation. Like I discussed about Isko: Adventures in Animasia, Gerry was responsible for getting Filipinos to show their another talent by means of animation or showing a full-length movie in cartoons. A full-length animation was (well at least) succeed in movie industry and "Ibong Adarna" or known as "Adarna: The Mythical Bird" in English would tell why our country is familiar in local animation.

"Ibong Adarna" was like a dream-come true for many Filipino animators or people who want to see animated features made by Filipinos. A full-length animation needs years of effort and responsibility of producers. Before getting into animation, it's no wonder why producers decided to adapt the cartoon based on a Filipino folklore which I rather save that kind of explanation. FLT Films and Guiding Light Production joined forces for production while Gerry Garcia did the script and became the director of the movie. Because that happened in the 90's, they used cel-animation technique (with 3D effects?) and need many hours of time for voice recording, storyboards, drawing and so on.

In order to improve the full-length animation, the producers picked out famous artists from Philippine showbiz. One of the cast of "Ibong Adarna" was Jolina Magdangal who did the voice of the mythical bird Adarna (she sings too). Other voice actors include Marvin Agustin, Martin Nieverra and Regine Velasquez. Then again, the "Songbird" Regine Velasquez sang few songs for the movie.

From time-consuming work for a single featured movie to showing to movie-public, "Ibong Adarna" appeared to cinemas on Christmas Day and became the part of Metro Manila Film Festival in 1997. Sadly, what the result of the animation receive mixed reviews but it receive two awards-a special award from Metro Manila Film Festival 1997 and honored in 7th Hiroshima Animation Festival as "Asian collection" in 1998. I don't know if this is true but some people say who remembered watching that movie said some parts of the animation loose quality. Meanwhile the producers were not able to recover their investment. Gerry Garcia, on the other hand claimed to be "Walt Disney of the Philippines" and "Father of Filipino Animation" after his works like Isko: Adventures in Animasia and Ibong Adarna. I haven't heard much of the movie's merchandises or support from other franchise unlike Dayo and Urduja. After receiving two awards, Gerry Garcia take a break in New Jersey since 1998.

Many articles from mass media said that Urduja is the full-length animation but Ibong Adarna took the place as first full-length animation.Gerry Garcia felt dissapointed when Ibong Adarna is back stabbed by Urduja for claiming for "first full-lenght animation" place. I don't know how come many people thought Urduja is the first but I guess they forgot the history of Filipino animation or judging the quality. Gerry said in an article that his work is his pride and joy which makes him honored in animation.Maybe because he planned the animation idea for Filipinos in order to avoid too much "colonial mentality" from cartoons from other countries and make Philippines have a large industry when it comes to animation. Still, animators like Gerry Garcia never lose hope as if one day a break will find them.

In the internet days, at least many people discuss about Philippine animation especially they hope that they want too see many Filipino-made cartoons with their original and higher quality.Images or video trailers from the past Filipino animation like Ang Panday or Ibong Adarna are rare that needs to ask to search engines.I have no idea when is the last time Ibong Adarna appeared on television. Gerry Garcia's Ibong Adarna is much different from the other Ibong Adarna cartoon trailer here. No doubt asking if the result of mixing 2D and 3D animation style would be horrible or not.


Anonymous said...

Ibong Adarna Animation is just a trash anime. Japanese animation are still the best.

Anonymous said...

it is not a 'trash anime'
it is not even an anime in the first place.
it is an epic folklore turned into cartoon.
get your facts straight before commenting.
makes you look stupid.

Anonymous said...

what the heck! how is this even anime! its called a cartoon freak! Racist!

Anonymous said...

yeah. isip isip ka naman? kala mo kung sino ka ah! Saka hindi kaya to trash! Trashtrashin ko pagmumuka mo eh

Anonymous said...

Hey idiots! Cartoon is an english word of anime. Even its epic folklore Its its a failure. I can't even saw a single VCD or DVD selling this trash cartoon. Trash s trash. Accept it. Damn this people are very ignorant.

Anonymous said...

oh my god can you see that vibrant purple and yellow mixture oh god a ginger
Are you seeing this, people?