Batang Bibbo

all songs composed & arranged by Teresa Barrozo
lyrics by Augie Rivera

To supplement the educational and social needs of children, food firm giant CDO-Foodsphere Inc has partnered with GMA Network for its creative and highly ambitious educational preschool show, aptly titled as Batang Bibbo!

In a press conference, company president Jerome Ong said the show “marked the formal launch of their hunger for education" advocacy.

The thirty-minute weekly show aims to educate than to entertain, Ong said.

It would inspire preschoolers into “becoming physically fit, socially active, mentally alert, emotionally, and morally responsible," he added.

Joy Madrigal, the program manager of the show, said the concept of Batang Bibbo! is very timely since “most of the pre-school(ers in the country) could not (even) avail (proper) education."

The show will feature two puppets named Bi and Bo, in a magical learning land called “Bibolandia."

They will be joined by "Ate Anne," who would take them to the world of learning and discovery.

In an interview with GMNews.TV, CDO senior marketing manager Jonathan Bendicion said the show will differ from previous educational shows by focusing on the combination of two aspects: social skills and language development.

By language development, Bendicion said, the show would focus on teaching the preschoolers the proper use of Filipino language.

In this age of modern communication, the correct use of the language has become very “confusing," he added.

“(The language that we are going to use is) pure Filipino. Maraming mga foreign shows ngayon pero wala kang makita na pure Filipino yung ginagamit," Bendicion said.

“Everything that will be used here is going to be original," Auggie Rivera, the show’s story writer, added.

Rivera, who was also the writer in the defunct kiddie show Batibot, said Batang Bibbo! is not just about the typical combination of puppetry song and story telling. Rather, it equally targets the child’s moral aspect, like teaching them respect for “diversity."

Although specifically designed for children aged three to six years old, the show could be enjoyed by the parents as well, said Roxanne Barcelo, who will play the role of "Ate Anne."

For her part, Barcelo also encouraged the parents, especially the new ones, to join their kids in watching the series. She explained that by watching the show, they can get tips on how they could further nurture the needs of their children.

Batang Bibbo! will start airing over GMA 7 every Saturday starting November 8 from 8:30 to 9 a.m.
Every Saturday

Source: www.igma.tv

Not much to say. But before GMA'a Batang Bibbo, CDO (a food-company) promotes Sirit! which features the same actor and puppets. It aired on ABS-CBN every Saturday mornings last year.


Nelia Bello said...

Hi I was just wondering why B4 the show you warn viewers that the following program is not suitable for kids(or children)when in fact the program is for kids?

Nelia said...

Nelia again here, I forgot. I'm from Jersey City and the show aires every friday at 2:30 noon here.

sketchpride said...

Hi Nelia and thanks for viewing.

I posts entries about cartoons especially from the Philippines. There are some possibilities that I might post some reviews (especially if it contains violence) that focuses about animation. Sorry, I have school work and sometimes I never keep track on my blog.