Astro Boy is Back!

Astroboy is one of the most recognized anime and manga characters in Japanese entertainment history. It was created by the "God of Manga and Anime" Ozamu Tezuka and the franchise will finally turn into 3D movie this year. Check out the image below.

Image from Imagi Animation Studios

According to Wikipedia, the 3D movie will be release in US in October this year. Not really sure when will come out in the Philippines, thou. If you aren't familiar with Astro Boy, he is a robot who was created by the head of Ministry of Science, who however became the villain Doctor Tenma in the image of his departed son, Tobio. When Doctor Tenma realize that he could not care Astro Boy because of inability to grow up and express emotions, he sold the robot. Few years later, Doctor Elephant is the one who took care Astro Boy and became his legal guardian. To his surprise, the doctor find out Astroboy can fight evil robots and save humanity with his cyber weapons.

Well, can't say much more about the series but Astro Boy successfully spawn (aside from many volumes of manga) three anime series - one in 1960's, 1980's and the latest 2003 series which commemorate Astro Boy's birthday in Japan in the same year. I'm glad when QTV 11 finally air Astro Boy 2003 series since last week and in addition, finally dubbed in English. It airs every weekday mornings but I forgot what time. I somehow curious about the English dub version of some anime shows air on local TV. It's been long years that I watch the show again and I know it was aired in ABS-CBN few years ago in Tagalog-dub.

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