The Nutshack

I'm used to watch few episodes of cartoons which have physical and mature humor like The Simpsons and Family Guy, but what about this one? If you didn't know, The Nutshack is right in front of you. The show is much different because it contains some Filipino themes. Back in 2007, Monster MYX (aka MYX channel from United States) had decided to make an animated series made by Filipinos and made stories that has stuff influenced from their beloved country. Then at the same year, the pilot episode was sucessfully aired on MYX and for those people who wanted to see the show, in Youtube.

It's really amazing to see much of it's characters that are Filipino and of course life being from urban U.S. The show tells about two cousin teenagers who met in United States and share their similar wackiest scrapes in a city of San Francisco - the Tenderloin. Jack, a fat yet humble boy was raised in Manila, while Jack the tough punk raised in the streets in San Francisco. When the two cousins met together, they meet other characters and make craziest doings as the Nutshacks.

The flash animation of the Nutshack series really would feel a cool to watch especially when you hear the dubbings by Filipinos. One of the voice actors I recognized was Rex Navarette, who made the voice of Tito Dick ( Jack and Phil's cool uncle from San Francisco). I seen kuya Rex on his TV performances like MTV's Rex in the City and he's really a good comedian. The storyline seems to be fine but there are some themes that are purely mature. The most memorable storyline they got was the skit cameo appearance of some popular stars in the Philippines like Willie Revillame and Manny Pacquiao. The show also got box-sets of DVD's which are uncut and uncnesored in 2008 and featured in a ComicCon in US as promotion. But since the Nutshack was aired in United States, there is no chance for Filipinos to watch them locally even getting a MYX Philippines cable. I think it's because of MTRCB that some people talking about. Like any other shows in Adult Swim, Nutshack airs weekly at 10:00 PM and only adults can watch. If you're in the Philippines and want to watch the show like I did, there are few episodes (including "behind the scenes") were uploaded to Youtube. Just search the words "the nutshack" and you'll get them. Just make sure you're not below 16 to watch The Nutshack.

For more info, merchandises and updates visit The Nutshack's official website here.

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