Back to School!

Vacay's over and start of school again this year. It's sad to say that your happy moments while school is closed is not permanent. You'll never have to worry feeling blue 'cause when you're in school you'll gonna meet your old classmates, friends and teachers to knack funny conversations. Is your school materials and pack lunch ready? How are you feeling when you're back into school again...or even being a transfer student who's in new school? Do bullies changed their hearts after they realize they did something bad to you? How about your teachers? There are lot of questions I am suppose to ask and wait, this day is the start of school!

In the other side of the story, well sad to say I'm going to take a break on making entries in this blog and do the college work. Actually, I returned on a school for this year since two weeks ago and not this day. The good news is I'm going to return next few weeks after I finish the first exam. While this month, in it's remaining days I still keep up to watch few cartoons and make research about animation especially in the Philippines whenever I have time.

P.S: Don't forget to bring your own umbrella or raincoat cause June is the start of rainy season.

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