Tweenage Dora the Explorer (aka Dora the Streetwalker)

The original Dora

She speaks both Spanish and English, has a best friend monkey, a bag and a map on her side and also loves adventures. Yup, she's Dora from Dora the Explorer one of the current Nick Jr.'s show. But what if the creators of the show and Nickelodeon decided to make Dora as a teenager? We bet we're gonna be surprised if we found out the image you see below:

Dora in her tweenage makeover

If you have a Nickelodeon network on your cables or free-TV's out there and watched many episodes of Dora the Explorer, you'll get mixed reactions about that picture. According to the Wikipedia article about the show especially to the article from Google here, Mattel and Nickelodeon announced that Dora will have a tweenage makeover and also attends middle school. The new look will reveal sometime around fall this year but the image (like you see above) revealed to the public last March 16th. After revealing the image, many parents made mixed complaints about the plans that both Mattel and Nickelodeon made but soothes down for a moment. The reason why Dora turned into grown-up because Dora suppose to be a "role model" for young girls not being a "fashionista". The issue is still misunderstood by complaining parents and they demanded as a request that Dora should be the same 6-year-old girl like on TV.

It is unknown whether tweenage Dora will be appear in a TV sequel after Dora the Explorer (not the spin-off like Go! Diego! Go! which featured her cousin Diego). In the meantime, merchandises will sell first but unknown it will be ever reach in the Philippines. To me, the new look of Dora seems not a bad idea because of her Latina look but I prefer she should wear pants and T-shirt for more adventurous look. Honestly, aside from T-shirts and pants I would rather feel discourage to Nickelodeon who pushes some of their popular cartoon characters beyond far for just of their business - not the viewer's demand. We don't have to worry because tweenage Dora is still Dora we knew before who teach bilingual languages, encounter many friends and gets many adventures. I'm not sure what Boots looks like when he grows-up too *shrugs*.

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Anonymous said...

I recently heard my daughter say "oh man"??? I instantly froze as she just turned 2 years old and I was wondering where she could of picked up such improper language, I am a full time parent and it certainly is not a common language used in our home. oh..maybe I misunderstood. Now she's saying it everytime she seeing something or something goes wrong she says "oh man". I kept telling her not to say that. Then as I was cooking and she was watching Dora the Explorer and Diego I heard it many times. So here she picks up this improper language from a so called educational and "cultural" TV show for children. On top of this incident I am actualy reading about people calling it CULTURAL because it is bilingual??? hahahahaha what a joke!!!! I am from Belgium and was brought up in 4 languages, let me tell you that it's your actions and lifestyle of day to day life what will make you cultivated and ready to reach a level up in life not the languages you know and certainly not this TV show. Who are the un-educated writers of this show? I will refuse to let her watch these series any longer unless I wanted her to become a low life. I am wondering how many more inappropriate words and actions I will find out about, and I will. Some of you out there should not wonder if its appropriate to have Bert and Ernie sleeping in the same bedroom or the Teletubies being "homosexual" (sick minds by the way). Just worry more about what language you translate these low mannered South American shows to.