Matanglawin TV Series

It was Sunday morning while I took a break from reviewing for upcoming exam, I changed the channel on our TV and later seen a show that looks interesting. Matanglawin the show's title aired every Sunday mornings at 11:00 on ABS-CBN. The show hosted by the trivia king of Umagang Kay Ganda Kim Atienza and features about the facts about nature, traveling and their mysteries in the Philippines at the same time. As the title suggest, Kuya Kim's take on the vantage point of a Philippine eagle (Mapanuri, Mapagmatyag, Mapangahas) and he also faces breathtaking challenges such as entering deep caves or climbing mountain rocks.

I'm not much a Kapamilya fan but I really interested that show because it's really educational for everyone even for children. The stunts of every challenges Kuya Kim take doesn't have any stuntmen and instead personally done by himself. Besides, ABS-CBN did fit the schedule for airing Matanglawin as every viewer's routine. Matanglawin is a recommended show for everyone especially who wants to relax in Sundays. One Youtube user uploaded the opening billboard of Matanglawin here.

Don't forget to check out their official website in Multiply here. Also, check them out in ABS-CBN's official website here.

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